Education in Islam

Education in Islam

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Education is one of the most important part of the life of the Muslim. As it is the misconception in some societies that education is not necessary for the girls and its only necessary for the boys. With the invention of technology, the world is progressing so rapidly and every country in this world is trying to overcome the other through any means.
The world has become global village the and covering the new stages of science and technology day by day. The education is very necessary to compete with this world. Education can be mainly divided into two types, one is the religious education while the second is the knowledge required by community and our social circle to compete with the other countries. It is the moral duty of every parent that they should educate their children with the proper knowledge of both the types. The importance of education has been highlighted repeatedly in the sacred verses of Quran that is ultimate source of knowledge for Muslims. My Lord! Increase me in knowledge. The human kind is being given a little knowledge about all of this world and we should constantly question to that almighty to raise our status with respect to that knowledge.
In many hadiths, Holy prophet (PBUH) stressed for the acquisition of the knowledge. And there is no difference between men and women for the quest of knowledge both have equalized facilities to gain the knowledge. Then still there lies the concept in the mind of parents to make hindrance in the way of girls to get the education on equal levels as boy are granted. Education is best source of uprising and shine like a start among the world’s best countries. Our religion makes emphasize on gaining the education and achieving its benefits. An uneducated person does not enjoy the proper facilities as an educated person enjoys the life, either it should be the case of religion and other affairs of life. But the knowledge of religion is very important because it’s a source to communicate yourself with that almighty whether in form of prayers or duas. If you are on Umrah and don’t have proper knowledge, then it might be a problem for you while on the other side educated people enjoy prayers as well. Educated person is superior to other as moon is superior than starts. Therefore, we should gain education with every aspect of life, either they are religious points or science and technology. Now make your religious education fruitful and join the best services because we are providing best Umrah Packages for Muslims Community from Leeds, England. Preform your religious prayer with best of Islamic knowledge as it is the key to success.
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