Muslims and Field of Life

Muslims and Field of Life

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Aside from all prior religions, Allah said in the Quran, Islam is the best religion in this world and he has relegated this religion to the Umah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). As indicated by Islam, the Muslims have been requested to pray to the Allah, give Zakat on their income and perform the Hajj. Alongside these, the Muslims are additionally bound to keep fast, so they can better know the hard line livings of the poor individuals of this world who couldn't even manage the cost of bread and spread for a solitary time in every day. The Islamic pilgrimage services from England for Muslims which the agents are offering to travel in groups, are the most beautiful examples for the people to mix up with the Muslims on the righteous voyage. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) preached the message of Allah for a long time and after that He cleared out this world in the wake of setting extraordinary cases of how to lead an existence according to the orders of Allah, the Almighty. His life is the genuine rule of the Muslims in every field of life to live in a superior manner and get secured in everlasting life after death. The soul of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is resting in Madina where each Muslim must visit while he strives for Hajj and the Umrah. Actually pilgrimage organizations make exceptional Umrah packages make it simple for Muslims to present their participation before Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In this world, time fluctuate for everyone, and they face the ups and downs in lives. Be that as it may, the Islam shows us to be steady on the orders of Allah so we have not to endure any troubles of life and can get through. Islam is a religion of peace which shows us how to live with our neighbors and particularly with the individuals of different religions. Best of this is carried out five times each day in the mosques and every year at the time of Hajj in Makah. This is simply a lesson of solidarity for the individuals of this world to solidify unity of Allah.
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Re: Muslims and Field of Life

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